Christmas Spirit!

Hey guys, welcome back!

Over the past two weeks we have been creating Christmas themed art-pieces. So far we have made baubles using shapes, watercolor, patterns and collage. We then used straw blowing techniques for the background. I really enjoyed making this art-piece because it gets everyone into the Christmas spirit and it’s like decorating an actual tree!  

It challenged me to try something I haven’t done before and i’m glad I tried it because I ended up doing really well. Maybe you guys could try this at home and see if you enjoyed creating this as much as I did.

All you need is:

  • A straw
  • Food dye (green preferred)
  • Watercolor
  • Scissors
  • Bowl of water
  • Glue
  • Permanent marker

Bye for now!


Hey guys, welcome back.

For the past two weeks in Maths, we’ve been learning about angles. If you don’t know what angles are, it is the space between two intersecting rays (lines) close to the point where they meet.

Here are some angles and their definition!

Acute Angle: An Acute angle is an angle less than 90 degrees.

Right Angle: A Right angle is an angle of 90 degrees only.

Obtuse Angle: An Obtuse angle is an angle less than 180 but more than 90 degrees.

Straight Angle: A Straight angle is an angle of 180 degrees only.

Rotation Angle: A rotation angle is an angle where it meets the same point it was at, at the start. 360 degrees.

Bye guys, Isabella!


Hey guys, welcome back.

I have decided on a new goal since I had achieved my goal last term. My new goal is to be more organized with my school work especially since I start high-school in four and a half months. In high-school it is extremely important to be organized since they hand you plenty of work and you want to know where everything is kept. Do you have a goal? If so, what is your goal?

Bye for now, Isabella!

Migration Menu!

Hey guys, welcome back.

Over the last few weeks in Inquiry, us seniors have been learning about migration and refugees. For this project, we had to create a migration menu that involves our entree, main and dessert. For my entree I decided to make a timeline that gives out information about the main past events that involves refugee and asylum seekers. With my main, I have created an open-minded portrait about what a refugee named Baila is thinking. And lastly, my dessert. For my dessert, I have designed and drawn an art piece that shows the face of a brave refugee. Here is a slide show that presents all my hard work I’ve put into these magnificent creations, please enjoy!


Hey guys, welcome back.

In the seniors, we’ve been making a slide show about the book “FOX” by Margaret Wild. Some of the things that were included in my presentation were, character descriptions, script writing, poetry, art response and main themes of the book. Take a peek at my “FOX” slide show!

Let me know what you think of the slide show. If you’ve read this book before, who’s your favorite character?

Cyber Police!

Hey guys, welcome back.

On 31st Wednesday, two policewomen came into the senior’s classroom and told us about allthe different types of bullying

and the consequences that comes with Cyber bullying, or any type of bullying. Here are some facts you need to know about Cyber bullying

  1. Never send or screenshot anything inappropriate
  2. Your parents need to know about your online spaces
  3. Always have your account on private under the age of 16
  4. Don’t write anything harsh or inappropriate to anyone at all times
  5. If you do Cyber bully, you can get charged and fined for it
  6. Never show your uniform or face on your account
  7. Don’t let strangers follow you
  8. And don’t talk do strangers who say they’re as young as you in-case they actually aren’t

If it isn’t online, and it’s outside, the bully can get charged for offence if you have enough proof/evidence. S/he will then go the Magistrate court or County court if it’s not as serious. I was shocked by how bullying could be a criminal offence and how you could go to a juvenile detention center.

If you’re getting bullied and need help, here are some suggestions on what to do.

I hope you guys learnt a few things today and until next week,


Book Week 2016!

Hey guys, welcome back.

It’s book week celebration day at Saint Margaret Mary’s! The third Friday in August, students from across Australia get to dress up as their favorite fictional character from any book (e.g Harry Potter, The Wizard Of Oz, etc). We had a book face competition and you had to find a book and try to match it with your face, here are some photos of Gwennyth and I. Everyone put in a lot of effort for their costumes and to prove so, here is a photo of all the year 6’s.

Bye for now, Isabella!

IMG_0120IMG_9724Gwen And Izzy (1)

Australian Migration History!

Hey guys, welcome back.

Yesterday, us seniors went on a excursion to the Immigration Museum, the reason we visited the museum was because we are learning about Australia’s Migration history for Inquiry.

I discovered that the museum used to be a Customs House was a building housing the offices of the government officials who processed the paperwork for the import and export into and out of Victoria. I learnt that there is a bridge in the city named Sandridge Bridge and that has all the countries that have migrated to Australia since 1888 to 2006. I was surprised that over 800,000 people have migrated from Italy because I thought there would’ve been a lot less than that. Did you know that the migrants had to take the dictation test which would allow them to pass the border into Australia? The dictation test would be set in many different languages and they would keep changing the language until you failed to keep up.

I wonder how people would’ve coped with being on a boat back in the 1840’s? What would Australia be like now if we still needed to take the unfair test?

I think that it was very unfair to not let Asians or Blacks into the country because they have a life too and they’re just as important as we’re.

Here are some photos of the adventurous day I had, enjoy!


Athletic Tryouts!

Hey guys, welcome back.

On the 29th of July, the seniors and middles are going to a tryout for Athletics. We’ll be trying out events such as long jump, high jump, shot put, discus and sprints. After your turn in each event, you will then get a star (which are points) between 1, 2 and 3. If you get 3 stars on one of the 5 events, you automatically make it into the second round. We will be competing against Brunswick North, Brunswick East and Brunswick West. I’m determined to do exceptionally well in the tryouts this Friday and make it into the second round. I wonder who will make it into the second round?

Which event do you think you will do good at?


Our Australian History!

Hey guys, welcome back!

For inquiry, us seniors are learning about the history of migration and Australia. Migration started back in 1788, nearly 50,000 years ago! And the first place that people migrated to was Australia, when there was nothing but soil and trees surrounding the dusty earth beneath our feet. But, when the English arrived here to Australia, they said that they wouldn’t except Asians or non-Europeans, so that was when the White Australia Policy began. To show that you represented the Policy, you had to wear badge that said ‘White Australia’.

Here are some images of the White Australia Policy:


Bye for now, Isabella!